The Governor Of Vermont She's NOT

When it comes to hating Sarah Palin, the Left and the media seem to have passed the slow ratchet-up phase in exchange for the total, all out, pure, fanatical hate reserved for Bush and Cheney.

And they have good reason.

It clears the fear from their minds.

The one thing liberals can not destroy nor degrade about Governor Palin is so clear and pure they have no weapon strong enough to scratch it.

It is the love she and her family have for their Down Syndrome baby.

At the Republican Convention when a camera caught seven year old Piper licking her hand and straightening out baby brother’s hair while she was cradling him in her arms, the left and the media must have called for medication. How on Earth can the Democrats equate that with a Willie Horton ad or some how score a class warfare point out of it. No way.

That simple act by seven year old Piper, and the fact that the Palins knew in advance Trig had Down Syndrome yet let him live on to be born shows EXACTLY who they are.

Should the Plain family end up as the Vice Family, taking the heat of the media flash and false reporting, there will be no spin to dilute America watching Trig grow up in front of all of our eyes.

This, the true, hard core Left can not stand.