The Plumber's Nose Under The Tent.

“Joe the Plumber” has the Jerusalem Post web site on overload. Isn’t that peculiar?


Let’s see, news businesses send journalists to locations to report on remote happenings so consumers, readers or watchers or listeners of the particular brand of media, will come back for more news and boost their ratings gathering more advertisers. That was the old plan.


Under the new media business model reporters take sides in any given issue – as long as it is the anti-America side, then the relentlessly drive home the propaganda. Who cares what happens to the truth or the business. All that maters is politics.


And in an instant there stumbles onto the scene and innocent by-stander with questions to which most Americans want answers. “Joe the Correspondent” is born.


No, Joe did not go to journalism school where he got good grades for repeating what his professor wanted to hear from him. No Harvard, Yale, Columbia, whatever, degree for Joe the Correspondent, just a microphone and cameraman.


This bothers some in the ancient media such as Helen Kennedy of the Daily News. She reported Joe the Correspondent as saying:

Shown a pile of spent rockets, he said: "I have thousands of questions but I can't think of the right one."

Ah, but I have seen the tape. Joe the Correspondent said he “had a lot of questions” and was “trying to find the right one,” which is a bit different than what dear Helen reported. She is upset with Joe not being a professional.

Reuters has this for a title about Joe:

“Joe the Plumber plugs Israel over Gaza offensive” and they refer to him as a “colorful figure.”

The fact is, Joe will meet with Israel's Government Press Office director, travel around Israel and report on Israel’s average Joe’s without any editor or liberal peer group getting in his way. This is the new media.

Joe the Correspondent wasn't born a reporter and isn’t related to the Kennedy’s like reporter Maria Shriver or Anderson Cooper who’s mom is Gloria Vanderbilt.

Joe was never an aid or cheerleader for a powerful politician as were Diane Sawyer, Stephanopolos, Eleanor "Rodham" Clift, Chris "Hussein" Mathews, and many more.

Joe is just doing what he wants and telling it like it is. If he stays with it he will get better – ratings will tell. The ancient media can not get any worse.