Windsor, NH Returns To Biennial Sessions!

Always on the cutting edge of municipal finance, the tiny town of Windsor is still auditing its books from almost a decade of not doing so. Thank you DRA!


Lucky the budget for this town of 250 is only about $150,000.00, otherwise things could get sticky.


The town won the distinction of making regional news last March on the front page of the Boston Globe for having a Board of Selectmen who did not tax friends and relatives.


That problem has now reached its logical conclusion. No one has received a tax bill yet for 2008.


Why not lump two years together in a few weeks when Windsor holds its annual charity ball called Town Meeting and do away with that bad old year 2008 – 2000 altogether.


Here is an idea, why not use the Mayan Calendar which has the world ending in 2012 as the official Windsor time piece and hope for the best.


Most Windsor residents are concerned - but not about the audit or town finances.


I think the question most on the mind of the average Windsor voter is:


If Hell froze over could you drive out on it and ice fish?