Heads, You Pay - Tails, You Pay

Ooooh boy, do we have a tax revolt brewing in one of the least likely places.


In the managed-voter, tax-and-spend nirvana of the Kearsarge Regional School District dissent is a’brewin.


Kearsarge is one of the schools in NH that, instead of voting in SB2, went down the RSA 49 Charter drain. Voters in this school district had their best and brightest craft the ultimate tax and spend tool – a custom made charter to fit their tax and spend needs.


Mr. Ponzi would have been proud of this scheme. The Kearsarge Charter allows for a “choice” of one of two budgets on Election Day – the proposed budget committee budget or proposed school board budget.


Notice there is no provision for a NO vote, only the YES voters are taken care of. And to top it off, the two groups often come in with the exact same budget.


So why vote? Aaah, but that is the purpose of the Kearsarge Charter! Sooner or later taxpayers catch on to the scam and stop voting or attending meetings.


This year the two budgets are about $500,000.00 apart! Apparently, some angry/serious taxpayers showed up at the budget hearing and voiced concerns about over-spending in this economy and the budget Committee took heed. (You can still note “NO” on elected officials in the Kearsarge District by voting in new people, they still have that right.)


One guy in the District took the school to court recently to show how this charter denies voters a choice. Of course, he lost. Check out this condensed version of the NHSC opinion:


The Court held that voters of the school district do have an opportunity to vote “no” on the school budget at the deliberative session of the annual meeting because of the right to amend the operating budget article.


Our State Supreme Court was right on the money with that opinion – except for the small detail about people who can not attend the deliberative session. I thought we took care of everyone who wanted to cast a vote here in New Hampshire? (Laugh track here.)


And in this case, it was taxpayers who showed up at the Budget Hearing that may have made the difference.


You can come to NH from anywhere in America, or outside of America for that matter, and vote in our Presidential Primary or general elections and no one in charge will stop you, but you pay $10,000.00 a year or more in property taxes in the Kearsarge District and are hospitalized, in a nursing home, the service, or away for the season, then you have no say in local budgets.


This is why senate Bill # 2, also known as RSA 40:13 is a far better choice for municipal governments.