Meet The New Boss - Same As The Old Moonbat Boss

Moonbats on parade; all those who want to learn what communists, socialist, and progressives do when they get the chance need only watch our new administration in action, and what better than Democrat Nancy Pelosi, mother of five, for an example. She wants billions for birth control so it will be easier to share the wealth.


Progressive Democrat Pelosi believes what all moonbats believe, there is a fixed amount of wealth in the country that needs to be redistributed “fairly” by the more, excuse me – most, intelligent people in the country (meaning themselves).


And what do “intelligent” progressive, communist, socialist, moonbat politicians always fall back on to make the redistribution formula work?


Progressives believe less people being a burden on society is a worthy goal – as they go about getting as many people dependent on government as possible. Call it, “Every Progressive’s Personal Responsibility” – as opposed to a conservative interpretation of personal responsibility, you know, the kind of personal responsibility where you do the best you can to take care of yourself and government is limited.


In America, the easiest way to accomplish this very important central planning task is of course good old-fashioned birth control/abortion/euthanasia, pick one, they are all great tools in a progressive economy.


The days of real progressive heroes marching people into rice, sugar cane fields or gulags, starving millions of people to death, or re-educating them are over for the most part. Here in the US we are more civilzed in how we deal death to the burdens on our super-intelligent progressive society.


Stay tuned for the next exciting “new” progressive ideas to pop out of Nancy’s head!


Can anyone say: price controls, rationed national health care, limits on certain press, and crushing tax rates.