Crazy Like A Fox

I guess its all in your definition of the word “crazy.” Or you can throw in the word psychopath if you want.


Suddenly, Democrats are describing Blagojevich’s standard Democrat technique of diverting attention from his own perceived shortcomings by lathering hero/victim status on himself, as some sort of mental disease.


Democrat Governor Blagojevich, now that he has by power of proximity and familiarity, dragged Democrat Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and through Emanuel, Barack Obama himself into the Illinois corruption limelight, this old hero/victim tactic gets the cold shoulder from our liberal friends.


Democrat Blago was a darling of the Illinois Combine political machine when he was a US Congressman and Illinois Governor who was always ready for pay-to-play. But now he is expendable - hopefully not without a very public fight.


After decades of listening to liberal Democrats describe conservatives as corrupt, heartless, and evil to deflect attention from their tax-and-spend-and buy votes schemes, liberal Democrats are now saddles with the uncomfortable position of taking down a skilled, seasoned, brother in arms. So far they have shown little skill in quickly dispatching their rat.


Here is the script:


Blago wasn’t doing anything except “fighting” for the “little guys” when he was asking for cash donations to his campaign in exchange for favors.


How else is a politician “who cares about people” to get elected to do good things. All Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich wanted to do was “get cheap affordable prescription drugs” to the people of Illinois, a job they hired him to do. In fact, the people would have hired Gandhi, or Mandela if they had the opportunity – Blago had to do instead.


You know, one of the greatest of all Democrat Presidents, Bill Clinton, was impeached, just like Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich was yesterday and look how wonderful his administration was. Nasty Republicans stalked poor Democrat Clinton like a wounded animal for, in a most humanitarian manner, dousing some young, stupid intern in a blue dress with his DNA then heroically defending (lying about) that personal act, which Republicans labeled perjury. Democrats stood by Bill Clinton through all his womanizing but now Blagojevich is to be tossed aside for trying to help people. Oh the shame.


Blagojevich has a few cards to play in this political game – they are the ones with pictures of skeletons on them. Blagojevich can tell a little at a time, or all he knows at once about Illinois/Chicago pay-to-play and Obama’s inner circle.


Let the Joker deal.