Now We Have The First Eleven

Obama’s ploy to put knee pads on conservatives took one giant leap backward yesterday.


There was a BI-PARTISAN vote against his pay-for-playing, Chicago style payoff, to his campaign supporters which was packed in the Democrat stimulus spending pork plan.


Included in Obama’s historic toxic debt plan to help elect more Democrats the old tax-and-spend way was $5.2 BILLION to ACORN, the vote stealing arm of his presidential campaign.


Not one Republican voted for Obama’s toxic spending/printing/borrowing plan and I couldn’t be prouder of them. Along with the total Republican vote came eleven Democrats who made this vote historic in terms of BI-PARTISANSHIP, as well as a historic push-back at the bankrupting of America’s future.


In the run-up to the 2010 elections when the blame game starts, Obama and the Democrats will have to find another way to pin the collapse of the US dollar, unemployment, $4.00 gas, and inflation on anyone other than himself and the tax and spend Democrats.


Giving $5.2 billion to ACORN is a flat out political payoff that will cost Obama next time around.


Have a Democrat friend explain this $5.2 billion dollar “stimulus” to you next time one is talking to you. Do it in front of a group of people without jobs.