Nutty Professors vs. Liberal Moonbats

Karl Marx described a political theory called “parliamentary cretinism in which a group of wanna-be commies delude themselves into thinking a pure socialist society can be achieved by peaceful, parliamentary means.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, bad hair day sufferers from the 1850’s, considered this a bad way to start a socialist movement, knowing elections and legislatures would only waste time and allow reactionary forces (patriots) to grow ever stronger. Take heart my conservative friends. According to what I am reading we scare the first “Two Stooges.”

Friedrich Engels said this about parliamentary cretinism:

'Parliamentary cretinism' is an incurable disease, an ailment whose unfortunate victims are permeated by the lofty conviction that the whole world, its history and its future are directed and determined by a majority of votes of just that very representative institution that has the honour of having them in the capacity of its members.

Stay with me.


So I am reading about this parliamentary cretinism theory/belief/fairy tale stuff using my laser beam New Hampshire municipal activist, tree surgeon perspective and here is what I conclude:


My new pal Friedrich Engels has described perfectly liberal moonbats for me in one short paragraph, something I have been trying to do for years. I especially love the “lofty conviction” label he gives his fellow travelers. It also seems he doesn’t think liberal moonbats have the guts to impose communism the old fashion way, by violent revolution.


This may have something to do with the liberal moonbat aversion to owning guns.


Engels does kind of misuse the word “victims” a bit claiming his moonbat friends are such when we all know the real victims are the people who suffer FROM moonbats, but twisting facts is Engels stock and trade. He was trying to sell his fancy communist ideas after all.


Make no mistake though. Engels was not a big fan of the weak sister of communism, parliamentary cretinism, also known these days as - PC.