Has Obama Commented On This Yet?

Prince Riley, a spokesman for black Illinois Democrat Roland Burris, whom Governor Rod Blagojevich lawfully appointed to replace Barack Obama, had this to say about efforts to seat his boss in the open Illinois seat in the US Senate:


“It’s interesting that all those who are viable are white women and the ones who are unacceptable are black men.”


Back on December 3, 2008 high and mighty US Senator Harry Reid had a phone conversation with Illinois Govern Rod Blagojevich about filling the open seat. Blagojevich claims Reid didn’t want any of the black candidates Blagojevich offered.


In effect we have:


Now found out that DEMOCRAT US Senator Harry Reid is a racist, or DEMOCRAT Governor Rod Blagojevich has pulled an old fashioned trick on Dirty Harry by playing the race card on the lilly white Senator from Nevada just like he was some sort of Republican.


Either way, Americans who want to look now have a window into the soul of what makes up a liberal Democrat these days. Pretty damn disgusting isn't it?


Like it or not, Roland Burris is as qualified as Princess Caroline Kennedy to be a US Senator. If for no other reason than the qualifications for such office have sunk to such low depths that skin color and family name are the top qualifications.