The World's Most "Exclusive" Club

Well the all white, Democrat controlled, US Senate turned the fire hoses on one Ronald Burris today. Man this new 111th Congress is off to a great start.


The given reason that this groundbreaking black politician from Illinois was kept from taking a seat in the US Senate is, according to Democrat Senate Leader Harry Reid, because he is tainted by Illinois Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich’s arrest for a standard Chicago “pay-to-play” scheme.


How on Earth will anyone in Illinois Democrat circles ever get ahead with this kind of standard? It is so unfair.


And it is so un-Democratic to use a phony-baloney excuse like “tainted by scandal” to slow the Democrat process.


December 19, 1998 the US House impeached Billy Bob Clinton. Did that stop any appointments by the “Sex Offender in Chief?”


Unless my news radar has lead me wrong Billy-Bob was recently considered as a temp US Senator for the empty Senate Seat in New York until Princess Caroline can be appointed/anointed.


April 1999. Billy-Bob Clinton was disbarred and lost his license to practice law. But he is one of the most admired Democrat Presidents to ever have twice taken office with less than a majority vote. Only Obama has a higher level of worship from liberals than Clinton.


Yet black Democrat Roland Burris ain’t good enough for the US Senate?


Roland Burris wasn’t impeached.

Roland Burris never sexually assaulted, bit, fondled, groped, or left stains on any underlings.

Roland Burris never lost his law license.

Roland Burris has never been found guilty of perjury.

Roland Burris was an attorney general just like Billy-Bob Clinton.


But the Most Ethical Congress in US history doesn’t see fit to let him in?


I think it is interesting as well that Democrats would ask this black Democrat to PROMISE to not run for this temporary office in two years?


What, Harry Reid is for TERM LIMITS all of a sudden?