Score: Burris/Blago 1 - Reid Is A Zero

Let’s cut to the heart of the matter involving Raymond Burris and his appointment by Governor Rod Blagojevich to fill Barack Obama’s US Senate position, as prescribed by law.


The power-hungry, pay-to-play Democrats in Illinois and DC were trying to get their own person into that Senate seat without any type of risky scheme known as an election – and do this without being caught up in the tentacles of those sneaky things called words in any of the appropriate laws, best put your own spin on those.


So US Senator from Nevada, Harry Reid, who is the guy in charge of the Democrat rabble elected to that body, comes up with an idea to NOT seat a guy he did not want, or should I say was not on his list. I am assuming Reid did this on his own because if his staff had dreamed up such a stupid plan he would have fired them by now.


Reid’s flimsy excuse for not following the Constitution and accepting Mr. Burris was glued with the ferocity of a Post-it Note to the shame of Governor Blagojevich being arrested FOR TRYING TO SELL Obama’s Senate seat, (which means Blago knew there were buyers).


Now for my simple question:


If it is unlawful to SELL a US Senate seat, or on the flip side just to be precise, to BUY one (except for George Soros),


then why isn’t it unlawful to DENY a Senate seat to its lawful owner?


Another pat on the back to Barack Hussein Obama for standing up to injustice and doing the right thing.


Remember, we only have “one former US Senator from Illinois at a time” to make sure his vacated seat is filled according to the Constitution – you know the thing Obama is an expert in, and about which he wrote, and lectured.


Obama almost looks like a coward and and your typical politician from Chicago.