I'll See Your Summit And Raise You One Vigil

They say that income tax champion Democrat State Rep. Susan Almy’s two day “tax summit” is now over. That may be true.

I can say that the “tax summit vigil” held by taxpayer activists from all over this state is absolutely not over.

For me, standing vigil outside the Legislative Office Building for most of two days with activists from Salem, Exeter, Whitefield, Manchester, Nashua, Laconia, Deering, Hillsboro, Dover, and a host of other towns and cities was a hoot. Veteran activists had a great time meeting people who responded to emails sent by an array of center-right groups.

There was no format to our vigil just a plan to have anyone who wanted to stand and watch our legislators, think tanks and the special interest groups come and go from the “summit” in which we taxpayers we could have no public say. That is fine – taxpayer activist networking will have to do.

I am still stunned by how many people walk up to you and say they are recently retired or finally so upset with our state and federal government they have decided to get involved in any way possible. And the timing could never be better.

Yes, we had to deal with several moonbats who wanted to “debate” or berate those of us who they know deep down inside are hard-hearted, racist, greedy, capitalist monsters. But we are used to those liberal feeling points and dealt with them accordingly – laugh the moonbat off the street. One even came back for more humor abuse from our side. I love that about moonbats.

Here is the deal.

I have been a taxpayer activist for some twenty years and it is a well known fact that when you meet a first-time activist at a workshop, rally, public meeting, or on a campaign a percentage “get the bug.” They find out that by working with other conservative activists protecting our state from liberal tax and spenders and various other liberal moonbats you can be successful and have a good time. Almost everyone I met Wednesday and Thursday at the anti-income tax vigil wanted to know when the next event would be held.

There is the common feeling among us conservatives that November 2010 can not get here soon enough. From the rate new, energized people are still showing up at our functions maybe its good we have time to meet more of them.

So did the Almy income tax summit make a lasting mark in our continuing discussion of why NH should be like New Jersey or Massachusetts? I don’t particularly care. Our conservative groups are picking up solid new activists every day, people I will work with for the next twenty years.

Thank you moonbats!