"Summiting" A Slippery Slope

It’s always nice to have information, good reliable information, about how to cut government spending or at least slow it down. To get this kind of information you can go to the “experts” on the subject – people involved with government, think tanks, academics, administrators, etc.

For me, there is a set of experts often overlooked by mainstream budget cutters and policy wonks.

These experts have knowledge of what is spent at the state and municipal level and how effective that spending is. They know waste when they see it and always have suggestions as to what works and what doesn’t.

And if you ever need to know where in any strata of government employment what is known as goldbrickers reside, these are the experts who can fill you in.

I like to call them “former government employee experts.”

Here is a tax money saving suggestion in tight economic times. Offer a “debriefing bonus” to each state employee who has been lateraled a pink slip by someone else in government who is staying on for the duration of the budget cutting.

Disgruntled government employees are a wealth of knowledge not often tapped by other government employees. (I wonder why?) They sure bend my ear when they find out I may know something about their old department and have some small capacity to do something about it.

Now I don’t expect a debriefing bonus program to crop up any time soon but former state employees who want to let loose a bit regarding how their particular past employer ran things in his or her former department can contact The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers in complete confidence we will put any suggestions to good use.

Who knows, maybe CNHT can take all that information and hold a summit.