Tip Tour Cap At The Polls

Oh, that crazy Manchester spending cap is at it again.

No one with an once of political savvy thinks the spending cap will pass because proponents are not dropping leaflets from airplanes – they used up their resources getting the damn question on the ballot for the November 3rd Manchester City election next Tuesday.

All the spending cappers have going for them now is the fact that the best candidates in that election are supporting the spending cap and the fact that in heroic fashion a small band of activists made it past the Manchester City gauntlet of anti-spending restraint activists. These pro-spending cap candidates are talking up this popular (with taxpayers) issue and driving it on.

But the teachers unions and wealthy liberals from out of state are spending great effort and fortune in an effort to get out the tax-me-to-death vote next week.

Now why would they go to that effort if the spending cap was an after thought of most Manchester voters? Hmmmmmmmmm.

Could they be afraid that if the cap passes a court may not throw it out because spending caps have become a well established and working tradition recently with chartered communities?

And if the cap passes, tax and spenders in Manchester will find them selves faced with a dilemma – having to pick from among priorities with an amount of tax revenue limited by reality not politics.

So its up to citizens in Manchester to take advantage of a hard fought opportunity and walk past and ignore the paid poll watchers, special interests, phone-bankers, signs, handouts, slippery mailers and rhetoric and vote for the spending cap.

Isn’t the over the top anti-spending cap campaign exactly why Manchester needs one?