Things Are Hazy At The Stabin Cabin

Oh that Bawney Fwank made the news, sort of, again with boyfriend problems of a third  or fourth kind.

It looks like Bawney was present during the arrest of his latest conquest up at a cabin in Maine when the young fella Bawney was dating got bagged by local police for growing pot on the property. Bawney claims not to know anything about it saying he is unable to distinguish marijuana plants from any other plants because he is not a great outdoorsman. (Too many pun possibilities to work with on this limited format.)

The smartest congressman in America does it again!

Lets see, he answered a male prostitution ad in a Washington paper for “hot bottom” services duly paid for and then hired Mr. Gobie as a personal assistant, driver, and all around pal – without using government funds he claims. Bawney was shocked to find out his male prostitute was running a prostitution ring out of his DC apartment.

And there was his bragging about homosexual sex in the House gym for instance. (Spare us any video please.)

Let us not forget one time Mrs. Bawney Fwank, Herb Moses, Bawney’s last big deal over at Fannie Mae who helped crash the American housing market with loans to the unloanable. What a ride.

Now he gets bagged up in Maine with another guy at a secluded love nest padded with ganja weed.

The smartest Congressman in America sure gets silly over a nice pair of legs.

I admire his ability to keep this out of the news since 2007 when this latest affair happened. Usually one can find info on a celebrity arrest on but alas there is nothing from them regarding America’s bwainiest congressman.

Somehow the news media regards Bawney Fwank’s stand-up insult comic routine as good politics and dutifully covers for him and his never-ending escapades.

One bonus for Republicans in 2010 will be the fact that more and more voters are beginning to associate the Democrat Party with Bawney’s chubby little face.

And while I am on the subject of Bawney’s looks:

Where are his teeth? Has anyone seen Bawney’s teeth?