General Noise Restriction But More

I wonder, was it vocal noise?

Was she racing her Volvo engine or practicing duck calling?

Could it be flatulence?

In any case, inquiring minds want to know.

Why was Madeline Scheck, 21, of 15 Wood Brook Lane, Croton on Hudson, New York arrested on October 22, 2009 in Henniker New Hampshire? The Henniker arrest log only says “general noise restriction” nothing in great detail.

The only relevant details about the noisy Madeline Scheck of Croton on Hudson, NY I could find were in the Henniker Voter Checklist where she is listed as NH Voter 300149361. That is according to our new spiffy voter ID system here in NH. This is the computer voter ID system which helps prevent and prosecute voter fraud – you know the one we never use.

So if Madeline Scheck, 21, of Croton on Hudson, NY is giving NY as her legitimate address for her arrest would she be not telling the truth to the Henniker Police? You see to have a NY driver’s license you have to be a NY resident – but she is on the Henniker Voter Checklist.

My, what a confusing situation.

If Madeline Scheck of Croton on Hudson, NY is a NH voter there seems to be an opportunity for her to do many different things:

It’s nice to options like Madeline Scheck, 21, of Croton on Hudson – options I don’t have as a lowly NH voter.

But wait!

If Madeline Scheck, 21, of Croton on Hudson, NY can vote in Henniker can I vote in Hopkinton against that big easement bond on December 5?

Heck, if Madeline Scheck, 21, of Croton on Hudson, NY has so much juice maybe she can vote in Hopkinton as well and cancel out my vote. She seems to be good at that already.

Wouldn’t it be a better world if everyone could vote anywhere they wanted? All these stupid rules about voting make no sense to Madeline Scheck, 21, of Croton on Hudson, NY.

In the old days one would be considered a low-life scum bag and a criminal for stealing the vote of a legitimate voter. But we are so enlightened now.

In fact we are so enlightened in New Hampshire that our election officials here in NH are no longer considered low-life scum for allowing non-residents to vote.

They say the vote stealing national organization ACORN has no chapters in New Hampshire.

Who needs them? We have it all worked out just fine.

One other thing about Madeline Scheck, 21, of Croton on Hudson, NY:

Google is a fine tool for rewarding people who make the news, even in small towns like Henniker.

Did you know that often employers, or should I say potential employers, will do a Google search on people who apply for jobs with them? Oh yea, the do.

And did you know that my little blog pops up every time some past city manager from Dover, NH tries to get a new job anywhere else in America and taxpayers in that community do a search on him and that he has not been employed by another victim town since August 10, 2007?

What is considered vote stealing in the real world – anywhere outside New Hampshire, sometimes has a factor in who gets hired and who doesn’t.

Ah, street justice.