Mud Sling'n Sure Gets Slippery

What does it say about the mainstream media and their liberal attack dogs when they can’t even scare away a couple of what once would be called “15 minutes of fame” characters?

Carrie Prejean has had the entire tar bucket tossed at her and you have to say she is still undaunted. She has a new book coming out and on the same day it was released her enemies joyfully pronounced the fact they purchased a “sex tape” of her from an old beau and will hold it as potential media blackmail over her 22 year old head.

Still Carrie Prejean trudges on with appearances on Larry King where his best flailing attempts at destroying her fell down as limp as his goofy show. On Hannity’s show she took the tape controversy full on with no excuses.

I wouldn’t call Carrie Prejean a role model for young aspiring beauty pageant types but she is certainly a fine example of one small girl against the machine. Who even remembers the loser homosexual poser pre-pegged to ask the homosexual marriage question of the only openly Christian contestant in The Donald’s rigged skin parade? Does anyone remember who won the beauty contest except Prejean?

How about “Joe the Plumber” and his 15 minutes? Joe has a nice lawsuit against three State of Ohio employees who on behalf of the left pawed through any records they could find of his in their dusty citizen files.

Joe has not gone away either. He is on a tour of the states with the Tea Party crowd, has other speaking engagements and will in all probability reach a financial settlement with Ohio if the powers that be in control of non-public files in that state have any brains. Or they can go to trial and extend Joe’s 15 minutes another year or two.

The three public employee turds that opened Joe’s records have all moved on from their taxpayer funded jobs.

Joe the Plumber dared to ask the questions the media would not of Obama and caught the pathological liar flatfooted admitting he was a “spread the wealth around” socialist. “Joe the Armature Journalist” was 100% dead on in revealing the true Obama. We all know that now.

If you want the media to bag some big game and serve it on a silver liberal platter it will not be Palin pâté.

Talk about not backing down. The left, by constantly attacking and not mortally wounding Sarah Palin, has created a monster who is now circling her wagon throughout the country with a number one book on a tour which avoids all their blue comfort zones.

Will the left wing media, moonbats, academics, progressives, and other America haters realize their inability to destroy the reputations of their opponents, as they had successfully for decades, is not creating some sort of pendulum swing to the right but in fact has given a huge shove to a patriotic wrecking ball.

This country is bankrupt from entitlements. We have 10.2% unemployment. There is no effort to protect borders. We coddle terrorists. Far left nuts run the Democrat party like a hardwood paneled insane asylum of high backed leather chairs.

So the left responds by attacking a girl with her old sex tape, a plumber with exposing his private records, and dangling Levi Small Johnson in front of Governor Palin – oh, and calling a Jew Jersey gubnatorial candidate fat (just thought I’d throw that in).

Keep up the good work moonbats! Candidates are already haunting NH and boldly stalking your oh so popular President with his record in their hands.