Teabaggers And Faggots, Oh My

A political apology often looks like this one that came in two parts:

"It was a one-line wry comment that popped in my head, and I said it... You're on TV a lot of times and you end up saying things, and some of the things you regret and some you don't.

When you use a homosexual slur against someone in politics, especially someone who meant you no harm, sometimes you get caught and have to apologize – if you are smart.

Openly homosexual CNN star Anderson Cooper called Tea Party activists “teabaggers,” a homosexual slang term with which he meant to belittle them. He did it on air. He thought he was being cute and oh so hip in comparison to the mom and pop fly-over country folks he was taking a very cheap elitist shot at. Cooper brought up the homosexual aspect, not the Tea Party patriots. I doubt many of them know who he is. Check Cooper’s ratings and that should prove it.

Here is more of the Cooper apology: "If people took offense to that and felt that I was disparaging their legitimate right to protest, and what they were doing, then that is something I truly regret, because I don't believe in doing that... Having this discussion just takes away from, you know, the real story."

Actually, Cooper was trying to belittle and embarrass the Tea Party patriots as people from his ivory perch at CNN and the security of his wealthy family. It wasn’t about their right to protest. And Cooper’s inference that he supports that right offers slim cover for those of us who understand this dirty game of left-wing attacks.

Cooper apologized because of slack he received from other media not because of guilt. It was a short pop on the media screen he easily survived.

Facts are facts though and he did in fact apologize for his slander even though he tried to pass it off as something else.

So a week goes by and all is well for our left of center homosexual.

Here in NH we have a similar situation on the flip side with my friend Doug Lambert who called some reprehensible individual in the Democrat party, a faggot. The guy Doug called a faggot loves to call Tea Party Patriots teabaggers - you remember, the term Cooper apologized for.

Here is how this works for the liberals and militant homosexual lobby in the political sphere of brass knuckle attack/revenge science:

Doug, being conservative, will receive as much bad press as can be rallied by the liberal like-minded lobby in any form they can muster. The bad press is always swift, predictable, and longwinded. It has to be because victim hood is the “hood” liberals thrive in – they know little else. Victim hood never works for conservatives and I hate listening to them try to pry sympathy out of anyone using the old complaint, “Imagine what would happen if a conservative did that.” There is a proven, honored, double standard – get used to it.

And an instant “shame on you Doug” will let fly from the “Friends of Doug,” you know, the people in his own party or political interest group. This has several reasons for happening with absolute certainty: to gain favor with the “victim,” and as insurance they not be attacked themselves. Another disgusting reason “Friends of Doug” will abandon him is for his friends to gather up or get rid of any of the power structure Doug may have had a grip on.

But “shame on you Doug” doesn’t really work because the next instant step in victim hood is the next step up the ladder. The protectors of the victim ratchet up the counter attack and take aim at any perceived link to Doug they already had in their never relaxed sights.

In this recent case, the homosexual lobby has targeted the Republican Party Chair as being a Doug co-conspirator with a demand he apologize and/or denounce Doug, homophobia, anti-homosexual marriage beliefs, the hatred of Republicans – pick one or all, it never ends. It is the same old trick played over and over.

I for one feel Doug should have been smarter than to give the pudgy hate-filled victim in this case an opportunity to play the victim card along with all the other actors in his troupe because, quite frankly, they had little to cheer about until this gem appeared on their screen.

The victim’s Amen corner is upset because of their failures not because the victim was called a name. Catching Doug in an unguarded moment calling the Democrat Party paid hate monger a faggot was like hitting the political jackpot. Check out some of the video of the Dem Party Party Boy on YouTube in unguarded moments acting like a typical liberal.

I think Doug’s plight is a good time for NH Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porker to apologize for calling Tea Party Patriots a homosexual slur like teabaggers as Anderson Cooper had the smarts to do.

Rep. Carol She-Porker should man up and apologize if the Democrat Party Chair can’t.