Global Warming Dirt Nap

Man Made-up Global Warming

It’s too late to stop the sky from falling – if you live on grant money doled out for finding phony evidence of moonbat science. Now that it is international common knowledge global warming is a greedy, socialist, scaremongering hoax it may be time for the eco-crazies to shrink back into academia. (Psssst, even kids are laughing at you “scientists”.)

I love the hero hacker who dropped the other shoe, the one with the carbon footprint. As real data trickles in showing global cooling more and more thinking people have become skeptical of how absolutely crazy “warmers” are and disgusted at “warmers” blatant, silly lies.

If anyone deserves a Nobel Prize for outing international eco-scammers it’s the hero hacker and whoever helped him. They have done a service to humanity on a global scale.

Notice it wasn’t the main stream media exposing Gore and Mann and the rest?

And the most fun of all will be to observe the certain response of the left. They will not let it go because they have come so close to one galaxy government.