A Yodle A Day Keeps The Minaret Away

Oh for Pete’s sake, what’s the problem with those Swiss voting to stop minaret construction in their happy socialist utopia. They didn’t need to rile anyone up with a public vote.

Issue: Minarets are for calling some Hell-bent Muslims, who in their heart-of-hearts want everyone to be Muslims or die, to prayer. Apparently, Swiss voters think that might be a problem someday like it is with other non-assimilating minorities who migrate to civilized countries.

Problem: The vote looks somewhat biased against letting a group of people who would deny Swiss citizens their rights in a heartbeat and by any means necessary carry out their holy mission.

Not a solution: Having a legitimate vote on the subject with the majority winning. (dumb)

A real, proven solution: ZONING! What? Don’t tell me there isn’t zoning in Switzerland. Here in America we use zoning to ethnically cleanse all kinds of unwanted poor folks from all kinds of neighborhoods and even whole towns. What the heck do you think minimum lot sizes are for? How about historic districts? A minaret would never make it in an historic district.

Come on Switzerland, find out exactly what it takes to make a proper minaret and outlaw it through zoning, all nice and proper. We do it here in New England every March at Town Meetings with endless warrants “improving” our ordinances, and they are ballot items with no discussion!

Smarten up Switzerland!