There exists a shallow faker named Gore

Took on the life of a whore

He played on our fears

Then assaulted our ears

With this dumb-ass “poem” that proves he has lost his mind.


(A rhyme by a former Democrat Vice President of the United States.)


Vapors rise as


Fever settles on an acid sea


Neptune's bones dissolve



Snow glides from the mountain


Ice fathers floods for a season


A hard rain comes quickly



Then dirt is parched


Kindling is placed in the forest


For the lightning's celebration



Unknown creatures


Take their leave, unmourned


Horsemen ready their stirrups



Passion seeks heroes and friends


The bell of the city


On the hill is rung



The shepherd cries


The hour of choosing has arrived


Here are your tools


What’s next from the “Mambee of all Pambees”?

I know?

Gore can do his pancake face impression of: “Mime trapped in a glass box.”

It might just have come time that no one would even take notice.