Maxumus Baucumus

I am sure Melodee Hanes is a talented lady or Democrat US Senator Max Baucus would not have nominated her for a US Attorney position.

The $14,000.00 taxpayer funded pay raise was well deserved as well.

Trips to South East Asia, etc, were the result of special talent she developed working on the Democrat Senator’s staff.

Why, any day now Democrat Max Baucus may even deliver Melodee a wonderful health care plan with a public option, free abortions with a seven year several trillion dollar shelf life. When Max isn’t thinking real hard about how to run our lives he sure has control of his. Lucky Max is a Liberal Democrat and this is what we can expect of his kind - no need to hit the papers about it.

Now back to that evil Governor, Republican Mark Sanford, isn’t he  a cad?