Feeling Ill? The Democrats Will See You Now

Harry Reid has a health care bill!

Finally, a compromise with all parties involved and it looks like it will get more than the 60 votes required.

Our dedicated Nevada Democrat had some help writing the bill from of all the unexpected sources – dolphins! The bill is stuck on the horn of a unicorn and has been scored by the proper authorities – the Madoff Family.

After years of living with the health care disaster left to them by George Bush, Democrats have met the challenge of change and are prepared to vote to approve this cross species bill on Christmas Eve.


NY Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer is happy with the bill because it overrides that silly, dangerous, Second Amendment.

Maine Republican Senator Olympia Snow Collins said she would vote for it if it was on thick paper, like card stock in 14 fonts, BUT ONLY IF IT MET THOSE DEMANDS!

Most other Republicans are fruitlessly trying to slow down the process – like they have the votes, Ha!

This secret health care plan has a few parts that have been released to the public and they are standard Democrat strategy.

Here goes.

This bill is very expensive, so expensive very few Senators will be allowed to read it first – just Harry Reid. And it is also unsustainable financially because it adds so many new people to the program. But with no increase in doctors to pay for, some of that cost is saved.

One might think that more patients with fewer doctors would lead to rationing but there will be NO RATIONING because there is an “Investing in fewer patients” provision in the bill.

Democrats figure the best way to pay for the bill is to hitch it to Medicaid which is already going bankrupt.

Clip and save this article to read on Christmas Day and see if I am not correct about the Democrat Health Care Plan.

My Christmas wish: The Chinese will pay for this one more time.