Forced Population Control - Just Another Slippery Slope Covered In Blood

Last night, the “Bill O’Rielly Self-Promotion Hour” was replaced with someone with talent, Laura Ingram.

Laura Ingram had a left-wing population control salesperson on by the name of, I forget, it doesn’t matter, who I see in the news today has had two children.

Two children? She must have come to her population control position rather recently.

But wait a minute. I may have missed something because I have trouble thinking like an environmental communist control freak.

Let us delve into the thought patterns of our left wing friends.

What if Ms. Population Control has had one or several abortions?

This could work like carbon credits. You know, where Al Gore lives in a huge house but trades carbon credits with some other guy who lives on the street so as to balance the world order. Now it makes eco-sense.

What would this abortion formula look like?

Could you, for example, trade three abortions you had for one extra lump of tissue, I mean child, or more precisely – burden on the planet?

I see a Harvard Chair in the making. We need us some super liberal to do the math. No morality is needed – just a “fair’ formula to keep abortion:

1. A Constitutional Right.

2. Safe and rare.

3. Part of a world plan for saving our Earth.

4. A trading chip in international family planning.

Liberal thought at its finest.