Will We Have To Save Them Again From Saving Us From Ourselves - I Hope Not

Hyperventilating communists hiding under the cloak of saving the world from itself held another forum of the elite in Copenhagen. It this case we are offered a glimpse of a real statue instead of Al Gore.

'The Survival of the Fattest' is a sculpture by Danish artist Jens Galschiot placed in the harbor of Copenhagen on Tuesday Dec. 8, 2009 as part of the Global Chicken Little Summit. The sculpture represents an overweight Lady Justice figurine, (think American) symbolizing the rich industrialized world, sitting on the back of a thin worn-out African man.

Here is part of an interview the “artist” gave a Greek newspaper:

AP: Your sculptures have traveled in many places. Do people react different in different parts of the globe?

JG: Actually, I can use an example from the ESF in Athens.  There were some people that were highly offended that only one woman (a fat, over-consuming, greedy depiction) was represented in the group of sculptures, while all of the other starving people were depicted as men.  “Where are the starving women who are suffering throughout the world?”  There is a point to that criticism and I do not mean to offend anyone.  I am aware of the fact that women do bear the brunt of suffering and injustice in this world.  This woman is a woman because she represents, Justitia, the goddess of justice.  She is holding a small set of scales representing balance, but this goddess, along with this symbol, may not be recognizable by everyone.  A piece of art can be interpreted in various ways, especially if the symbolism used is not universally known.

So I am thinking to myself, after reading Jens’s comments, “universally known,” hmmmmmmmmm.

I would think most Europeans, when they see a picture, or in this case a very shabby hunk of nonsense cast in bronze, of an American wading ashore, it would bring to mind the last time socialism was attempted as a new world order.

Normandy was another place Americans waded ashore - not that long ago.