Moonbat Village Hires Temporary Long Term Problem

Keep track of your cell phone, count his emails, look for steam marks on your sealed bids, check regularly for secret employment contracts - Sh..ty Manager Paul Beecher finally landed new gig!

And the winner is…..South Hadley Massachusetts!!!

We will be having a contest much as the ice-out raffles they hold on frozen lakes in the spring, to see how long it takes professional municipal con man Paul Beecher to stir up controversy, along with legal bills for this Massachusetts town.

Can’t say they didn’t ask for it.

The Selectmen in South Hadley know all of Paul Beecher’s background from Kansas City where he signed a $900,000.00 lighting contract behind the backs of the governing body there, or Kingman Arizona where he was so busy generating thousands of emails, rigging bids, selling off valuable city property for almost nothing, and Dover NH where he bought Dover city employee friends in high places with secret retirement and benefit contracts.

This dog will not learn new tricks. He will resort to the old ones that got him this far.

Good luck South Hadley, the joke is on you.

CNHT has been warning municipality after municipality about this loser for several years. At least New Hampshire has been spared.