We'll "LL See" You Three More Times

Yesterday’s NH Dept. of Revenue LLC tax hearing went well, as long as you were not the NH Commissioner of Revenue who was trying to explain to about 250-300 people how his department “Goes after everybody”.

I expected a lot of angry people but to my surprise it was an orderly dissembling of
the Democrat Legislature’s attempt at getting an income tax through the back door by adding an Interest and Dividends Tax to Limited Liability Companies.

Take a July 1, 2009, 1 am House vote as part of a massive spending bill where you have “reinterpreted” how LLC’s are taxed and retroactively tax back to January 1, LLC’s without hearings or a warning and you have what I might call a “topic of discussion” many small NH businesses would like to be part of.

There was a pre-surrender to the request of some, mainly, Tom Tompson of Orford, (God Bless him) to have post hearings on this issue at locations around the state. Looks like there will be three more.

Former State Senator George Lovejoy called the secret tax just what it is – an income tax.

Business superman Andy Sanborn laid out the effect on business in a devastating fashion.

State Rep. David Hess presented an “opening statement” with a dash of prosecution.

Ouch, Former Senator Bob Clegg exposed the interesting fact that he heard DRA employees say this bill was meant to avoid going after rich corporations who could defend themselves. That was what brought out the “We go after everybody” comment from the DRA Commissioner.

State Senator Jeb (introduced as “Deb”:) Bradley stated that he and Rep. Hess had a bill in to rectify this sneaky deal. Much applause ensued as happened with Andy Sanborn’s opening remarks.

The DRA and the Democrats should drop this new income tax as fast as possible - or they can sit back, institute an income tax, and ride out the storm.

Who knows, maybe the national economy, under the secret, thuggish, and total control of Barry Soetoro and the communist wing of the Democrat Party, will turn around before November of 2010. Unemployment will be 1%, inflation 0, all wars will be over, health care will be free, and Barry Soetoro will give NH the $650 million we are in deficit from Democrat spending and secret law changes here in NH.

Yea, Democrats should stick with that plan.

I noticed Democrat Susan Rep. Almy sneak out of the hearing without defending her new income tax.