A Terrorist In The US Senate?

The terrorists name is al-Franken-Hesabully gufaw-gufaw, which is Arabic for “Molester of Camels and Servant of Nasty Comebacks”.

Well it didn’t take long for stolen seat Senator Al Frankensenseless to abuse his position of gavel wielder at a Senate hearing this week. He exhibited some low brow stand-up befitting any Senator from Minnesota.

This political joke from Minnesota took full advantage of a fleeting chance to attack his latest perceived enemy, Senator Joe Lieberman, by not letting him finish testimony.

Franken didn’t win anything by the move other than the respect of other hate-filled lefties and distain from the remaining few who act like adults. I imagine he has waited patiently for his chance to show everyone how clever he is.

To date, The Senator from ACORN has used his position to belittle T. Boone Pickens at a Senate function and he has bullied witnesses at Senate hearings – now this.

Saturday Night Live should do a skit about it.

They used to make fun of foolish politicians, right?