Enough Excuses

They read the same papers, shop at the same stores, have many of the same friends, and some are even related.

So why did the Antrim Selectmen and various town administrators think they were going to be able to get away with hiding a deficit and unpaid municipal debt in 2009 equal to the entire budget?

Could it be because there may be some foot-dragging going on in Concord regarding the Windsor municipal financial failure? It’s not like Contoocook Valley residents are seeing an action by the DRA or AG’s office in Windsor other than some drive by document grabs.

Confidence in government at the municipal level has to begin with the idea that the State of New Hampshire will enforce he laws THEY pass which govern municipalities.

There is no way Antrim officials did not know about the Windsor financial fiasco going back 20 years where locals appear to have given friends and relatives special treatment when it came to paying or not paying property taxes. It has been in the news for almost three years.

Is the lack of action in Windsor what emboldened the Antrim officials enough to think they hide millions of dollars of deficit from the public?

Time to get with it Concord – or get out and let someone with a pair take over.