Security, Senator Dodd Style

US Senator from Montana, Democrat Maxumus Bacamus was clearly operating unclearly during a wet-brain anti-Republican rant on the senate floor the other day but one can assume Connecticut Democrat Senator Chris Dodd was exceptionally sober when he cut a marvelous deal for his pals the professional firefighters.

Democrat deal maker Dodd had millions of dollars, $4.5 to be exact, diverted from airline security, specifically "for screening operations and the amount for explosives detection systems."

Get a barf bag and check out specifics here:

There are consequences for insider trades for favored constituents. Dodd knows this because he received a lower home mortgage deal from an insider pal when he purchased a home several years ago. Conde Nast Portfolio Magazine reported the Dodd deal as a $506,000 loan to refinance a Washington townhouse. The second was $275,042 for refinancing a loan on a home in East Haddam, Conn. The mortgages came with “special rates” for US Senators. I wonder what Dodd did to make Countrywide so grateful to him. Could it be the US Senate Banking Chairmanship he chaired during the mortgage bailout?

This is how Democrat Senator Chris Dodd benefits himself financially because he is an elite left wing liberal looking out for the little guy.

The deal to cut airline security money is a classic payoff to favored “constituents” the firefighters union a notorious political campaign machine that supported his laughable presidential quest.

The next time you get on a plane in New England you might just fly over one of Democrat Chris Dodd’s several homes with the sweetheart mortgages.

You know if I had the time I would do some research on the local property assessments of the two homes on which Dodd leveraged lower mortgages.

Why bother. You know what I would find. Guys like Dodd always take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way in the US Senate – looking out for our safety – our banking industry - and health care.