Trust Me, He Would NEVER Cheat On The Data

NASA Climate Project – code name: Hire Your Wife

Here we go. Another climate chicken-little scam.

Meet Mark Schoelberl, one the world's most cited climate authorities regarding humankind’s effect on our Earth's atmosphere, and Barbara Schoelberl his website wiz wife.

Mark Schoelberl WAS the chief scientist at NASA’s Earth Sciences Division and leader on the Aura Project, before pleading guilty to contract fraud at that agency.

Check out the leverage the Aura Project would like to have over planet Earth as well as your public option government health care. Here is a statement from their web site:

“The atmosphere has no political boundries; air pollution moves great distances across oceans and continents. The quality of air has degrated over certain parts of the world and has become a health issue. Severe pollution episodes increase mortality”.

It is undeniable that human activity is beginning to alter the climate. The global rise in surface temperatures since the 1950's is correlated with the increase in greenhouse gases. Changes in carbon dioxiode, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, cloud cover, water vapor and aerosols all contribute to climate change”.

“Aura's four instruments study the atmosphere's chemistry and dynamics. Aura's measurements will enable us to investigate questions about ozone trends, air quality changes and their linkage to climate change.

Aura's measurements will provide accurate data for predictive models and provide useful information for local and national agency decision support systems”.

See where NASA is headed with this – your town’s ZBA and Planning Board if they can get away with it.

Before Mr. Schoeberl plead guilty and “retired early” from NASA he had some no-bid juice with the space agency's climate change contracting program. Mark would help Babs draft invoices for her work and wrote "sole source justification" forms for tens of thousands of dollars in no-bid contracts that went to Animated Earth his wife’s private company.

And what do you think Animated Earth produced? If you said “Animated Earth for Educators” you would be spot on. Animated Earth received about $200,000.00 in NASA contracts over its lifetime.

Suffer the little children.

Selling climate change information to “educators” is a major part of climate change chickenlittleism. Who else besides the liberal media would believe some of this patently ridiculous information? Animated Earth's name has changed recently to NASA SVS (Scientific Visualization Studio).