Liberal Diplomacy

As President Barack Hussein Oprahbama jets across America on is whistle-stop 2012 campaign tour, a few lingering projects remain unattended by any sane individuals in his administration.


Lets have a look at our ex friend Pakistan.


Longtime liberal globalist Richard Holbrooke is Obama’s point-man in Pakistan. He has an impeccable left-wing resume of failures including stints at AIG, Lehman Bros, the permanent segregation of Bosnia by the Dayton Peace Accord, the CFR, The United nations, and on and on. So naturally Obama would pick this guy to fix Pakistan.


News flash: Some fix!


What if you were a New Jersey guy named John Soleki, who is some sort of UN High Counselor of Refugees, and you were kidnapped by an Islamic group in Pakistan? You and your family might get the impression that America cared about you. Sorry pal. No bad press can be allowed to besmirch “The One’s” main stream propaganda bonanza. Your troubled waters are bit to dark and deep to risk a political black eye over. Sit it out, bite your lip, no one is concerned with your grainy video plea for help. The international feeling of gooey goodwill for Obama doesn’t extend to Pakistan. If you get released, sure there will be press – tons of it claiming back-room negotiations. Write a book if you make it back alive.


Obama’s special envoy Ambassador Holbrooke was in Pakistan last week. Too bad you were not on the plane ride back with him. Holbrooke was in negotiations with the new “Hey we are not Musharaff” Pakistan leadership team. How well did THAT top level negotiation go?


Holbrook was in Pakistan for three days, Feb. 10-12, “listening.” On February 15, it was announced that Pakistan has agreed to accept Sharia Law in the Swat Valley, essentially a formal surrender to the Taliban forces in that country, province by province. Prime Minister Asif Ali Zardari has been negotiating for months with the Taliban and in exchange for this sharia surrender deal they released a Chinese national who was imprisoned for six months.


It stands to reason that while Holbrooke was sitting cross-legged, listening to Pakistan officials on behalf of Obama, the real dealing was going on behind his Brown/Princeton educated back. My guess: Holbrooke did not come up with enough US currency to seal any deal.


And how about some plain old self-preservation concerns if you were on the Pakistan side of any deal with Holbrooke and Obama? Credit for this goes to our own US Senator Feinstein who was yakking it up in some DC meeting when she let slip: the Predators, "as I understand it . . . are flown out of a Pakistani base."


To hear from a sitting US Senator that the drones which blew up your Islamic terrorist pals came from within your own country is a jewel encrusted propaganda gift with which to stir up even more hatred against Americans and the ruling softies in the rickety capital of the soon to be Islamic terrorist country - nice going.