No One Is Listening To The Attempt At Silence

Media ownership caps and new public-interest reporting requirements: another way of saying - The Fairness Doctrine.


Liberals are never going to give up trying to silence intelligent debate, which in our current media market is found almost entirely on talk radio.


Talk radio has frustrated left-wing media since it exploded in the late eighties. They have absolutely no way to counter it. Helplessness has turned to anger and a new attempt at censorship by “infantile demand.”


Infantile demand is the method by which liberals set out against and opponent using a spoiled two year old’s tactic of screaming and crying until they get what they want from a weak adult. Talk radio is not a weak adult. It defends itself like no other opponent the left has ever seen.


So get ready for a bleeding heart sob story of “too many large media owners” and the need for more “local programming.” If the Fairness Doctrine can not be had under its recognized misleading name then limiting the damage conservative talk radio does to left-wing/liberal/progressive/socialist psycho-babble will have to do - for now.


One way to tell The Fairness Doctrine is on its way back in the form of no big talk radio media owners and limited local programs only is the huge, glaring hint just dropped by Barack Obama. He said he is against The Fairness Doctrine.


This means only one thing – he is totally in favor of it.


And is pushing and end of talk radio libel to blow up in Obama’s face?


( Just look who is egging him on – Bill Clinton. J)