Dear Community Leader Barack Obama has assembled a team of wonks, academics, and soft-spined Republicans to parrot his pre-determined socialist answers to America’s supposed financial problems – now announced on the day-by-day crisis list of hopeless expectations.




Oh yea, the Supreme Community Leader is using what amounts to an old municipal parlor trick of breaking up a bunch of people into mini-groups to brainstorm – or rather PRETEND to brainstorm, a batch of new ideas to solve an old problem – government tampering with the economy.


One will be amused to see this technique in action at the Federal Government level seeing as it is most often used here in NH by school administrators to get a bunch of parents, teachers, architects, and builders to brainstorm reasons why the victim community needs to bond a new school larger than the community needs or can afford.


After the Delphi Technique, that is what it is called, has generated the pre-determined results, the school superintendent, in this case or Dear Leader, will have cover to sell the community on the brainstormed/community-generated plan. He who uses the Delphi technique successfully has triangulated himself out of the picture when the blame/bills come home to roost. This has idea Obama fingerprints all over it.


What a strange way to run a country the size of America. But who would have thought we would be dumb enough borrow more money than several generations can pay back simply to address the failure of 5% of America’s home mortgages, mortgages that never should have been written or bundled into “investments” in the first place.


I saw Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham were at the brainstorming tables. Now Obama has the Republican cover he needs for this disaster. Most towns have tiny, insecure, sycophants to power such as McCain and Graham, aparently the Senate has two to spare.


Maybe Obama can entertain McCain and Graham with some card tricks later for helping him destroy our economy in the name of social justice. Will they think Obama is a god or the card tricks are magic - hard to say.