Clueless In CIA Prattle

During the Clinton Administration’s February – April 1993 war on the Branch Davidians, seventy-six people died when US troops set the ramshackle church on fire, including 21 children and two pregnant women. Not many people remember that 24 of the people tortured and burned to death by US Troops were British nationals.


Obama’s new untested CIA Director, Leon Panetta, had no reservations then about torture and murder when he joined the Clinton team in 1994. Leon is a big anti-torture advocate now that he can protect captured Islamo-fascists from George Bush and other countries which supposedly torture.


Current flip-flopping torture opponent Panetta ignored the murder of American mother and child during the Ruby Ridge fiasco where without orders to shoot or even offering anyone a chance to surrender, an FBI sniper killed a mother holding a baby. For some reason Leon forgave his pal Bill Clinton and held no blame against the US for those murders when he joined the Clintons. Panetta partnered with the Clintons in ignoring attacks on American soil and threats from the likes of Osama bin Laden. The Twin Towers FIRST bombing didn’t faze Panetta enough to do anything about it when he was with Clinton.


Now in his first press uttering since being confirmed as CIA Director, Panetta lets everyone know he will not render terrorism prisoners we hold to BAD countries that torture. Where he plans to send them is anyone’s guess because we are shutting down Gitmo with no alternative in place BUT other countries – or here in the States where they will undoubtedly be treated as celebrities by ACLU attorneys.


Here we go again, just as with Clinton, ignore threats, cater to enemies, try to find a liberal/academic/bureaucratic solution to any problem that really works, and blame the previous administration.


Water-boarding has to be more pleasant and less dangerous.