The Liberal Moral Majority Tells CEO's: You Work For US Now

It looks like President Empty Suit has left all the plans he was supposed to have for America back in Chicago at the house Tony Rezko bought for him. His campaign for re-election started so fast he has fumbled just like a receiver who starts running with the ball before he has control of it.


And now he waits for his big punt – the second bailout package.


The support for this second bailout is, if you believe the polls Obama lives by, is down to something like 35%. Remember, 33% of American voters are socialists, which translates into no support.


And now in the nick of time, knee-jerk as you can get, and without thinking things through, Obama comes up with an announcement that CEO’s who get the free bailout money are limited to and arbitrary $500.000.00 per year compensation.


Well that should get the business community excited.


I’m not sure if Jimmy Carter was this daft.