Dirty Filthy Politics And Senate District Three

The Distatso/Buckley Democrat Party baloney grinder is in full swing today in the Manchester paper.


Here is how the tag team fronts Democrat campaign points as “news.”


Distatso authors a political piece with the overall theme of exposing dirty politics, and of course the victim of the dirty campaign is none other than a retired liberal Laconia judge, Bud Martin, who is running as a Democrat for a Senate District 3 seat recently vacated by a Republican, who resigned after a DWI charge. Martin finally feels comfortable switching to the Democrat Party after being a RINO for many years. Now he is blessed with the Distatso/Buckley news campaign.


This latest dirty politics article accuses State Senate Jeb Bradley of engaging in a scheme, totally unsubstantiated of course, with Doug Lambert who writes for various blogs and has a talk radio program.


Doug is from the Laconia area and as part of any NH campaign these days - thank you Distatso and Buckley for spearheading it, engaged in a little opposition research on his own regarding Martin.


Distatso, if you remember, had some of his finest “reporting” moments breaking and flogging the “phone-jamming” scandal his pal Buckley and the Dems used with success in making themselves the victims in a dangerous plot to subvert the oh-so clean election laws in NH.


Remember the phone jamming scandal? This would be the one where, when it finally was appealed to federal court, the criminality of the act was found wanting. There were lots of accusations, gnashing of teeth, cries of foul, and accusations of crimes of the highest order by the Dems but in the end, no crime. Several Republicans without the financial means to defend themselves went to jail of this ginned up story.


And now, after that political cornucopia of imaginary things to whine about, the Distatso/Buckley baloney grinder has latched onto the standard Democrat “I’m a victim” campaigning point by attempting to drag Jeb Bradley into the mud with them.


I think people who have seen this old game have had enough. Have you seen the open sewer of Manchester politics? Thank Ray Buckley.


Have you wondered what happened to the old Manchester paper and why it now has the circulation of a corpse? Thank Distatso.


And do you ever wonder what scares the Distatso/Buckley Democrat baloney grinder the most about having the sorry job of promoting and defending the San Francisco-Cambridge Ma.-style NH House and Senate Democrats who are spending and borrowing NH into oblivion and bankruptcy? Look no farther than Doug Lambert, patriot, conservative, blogger, and opposition researcher in his own right, only his research has teeth - court records.


This Distatso/Buckley phony and untrue political/campaign article reminds me of another famous team, The Democrat Party, NHPR and their ace junior reporter, Josh Rodgers.


Josh broke the famous Insurance Commission scandal Governor Benson paid so dearly for, where a “volunteer” for Benson was paid for work done at the commission much like the unreported ad nauseum fact of Lynch and his UNH paid campaign volunteer, Ned Helms. Benson was hounded by this scandal but not many people know that the ace junior reporter, Josh Rodgers, is the son of the former Insurance Commissioner Benson let go. All in the NH Democrat family.


So the next time you are reading an inside politics article by Distatso – thank Ray Buckley and think of baloney.