Rareified Air And Liberal Derrieres

Funny what the average citizen will become agitated about isn’t it? You never know what will bring down the wrath of hell on a politician, or group of politicians, on any given day.


It wasn’t that log ago the NH Democrat party barebacked to office the “phone-jamming” incident where for once the Republicans pulled a political prank on the true dirty trick experts. It was a bonanza for the Saul Alinsky crowd of unlikely victims.


Now we have the Democrat Party in full control of just about any worthwhile seat in any NH state office with the Democrat leadership picking the most far left San Francisco style legislation for the hapless Dems to obey and vote for - had to happen always does – it’s the mark of this particular beast.


And of all the nonsensical bills and oppressive taxes passing in the State House what gets the most dander flying – the $80,000.00 bathroom on the third floor of the State House, the one up where special female backsides rest between urinations on the NH Constitution and traditional values.


I remember when Governor Benson vetoed that historic first budget presented him. I was just behind him with about twenty other supporters. Governor Benson – the governor who left this pathetic wimp a SURPLUS which has turned into a $500 million dollar Democrat deficit, had made up a dollar bill sized VETO stamp and with one great swipe marked VETO on HB1.


What would happen now I thought – then it happened. Norma Love, ace AP Wire Service reporter and liberal Democrat party sycophant asked the first question:


“Governor Benson, could you tell us about the $200,000.00 renovation to the bathroom in your office?”


We were all surprised by this question and there was a slight pause before Governor (a real Governor) Benson replied:


“All I did was reinstall a commode that was taken out of a small closet years ago, it cost about $200 dollars - and I paid for it myself.”


Ace reporter Norma Love looked as though she had just been given an ice water enema.


Kurt Wulper, who was standing next to me, signaled with a sharp elbow and we started clapping and cheering, loud enough and long enough, poor Norma couldn’t ask another loaded question. Governor Benson took us into his office and showed us the “bathroom” which was so small the toilet had to be installed sideways.


So if Norma’s bad potty tip had panned out to be true Benson would have paid dearly for wasting taxpayer money. That was the plan.


And here we are in 2009 with the bathroom-fixated Democrats trying to explain how wasting thousands of dollars on a special royal flush project is best for taxpayers who have already or may soon lose their jobs and homes due to Democrat spending, regulation, and borrowing.


Typical liberals.