Unhinged And Proud Of It

Well, a week has gone by since the Tea Parties and the press is still fixated on it being an anti-tax movement when in fact it was an anti-big government, anti-hyperinflation, anti-regulation, anti-printing money with no regard for the dollar, anti-SPENDING movement - and still is. This is why the far left is so angry, angry even beyond how they normally are.


Some of the mooniest of the left-wing moonbats realize that the Tea Party attendees of the 2,000 or so events nationwide represent the most highly concentrated block of voters who understand that it was the Democrat’s Community Investment Act, pumped with taxpayer dollars and run by multi-million dollar bonus receiving officials, which burst the housing bubble.


Social engineering and vote buying, via loaning tax dollars to people who could not afford mortgages, caught up with Congress and our economy.


But far and above this once solvable problem is the best chance conservatives ever had at routing the left from Washington – Barack Obama.


Tea Party goers know full well what out-of-control spending and printing of money will bring their children – debt into the next half century. And as long as tax and spenders are in charge there will be no economic engine of capitalism to catch up with the runaway deficit train. Many of us remember Jimmy Carter and what it took to climb out of his financial morass.


Tea Party goers know Social Security has hit the wall and will, sooner than expected, start to pay OUT more than it takes in. There is no way to borrow out of that event. The poverty of inner-city Democrat utopias is not what Tea Party goes are looking for. This is beyond a simple tax bill, its life as we know and enjoy it taken away by a novice, empty suit, messiah being enabled and manipulated by a corrupt congress of thieves and liars.


Funny how politicians believe polls saying Obama is popular as ever but have a total disregard for the spontaneous assemblage of almost one million concerned voters across the country – without any ACORN type funding by the way.


Here in New Hampshire, activists held Tea Parties at about six different locations, Manchester being the largest. I was there. The crowd dwarfed the cookout we had several years back at the state fairgrounds where 1,500 came through the gate.

Forty five minutes into our short program I left the stage area and went to our CNHT tent and looked down the street in both directions. Still approaching the event from both ends of that street and coming up adjacent streets were people pushing baby carriages and holding home made signs. People were watching from the second and third floors of the parking garage.


When the announcer asked people to hold up their signs one could not see out of the city block from the stage, it was signs, tree tops, and blue sky.


I stopped by the John Birch Society booth after the Tea Party was over. I said to the guy at the booth, “So you guys have been predicting the takeover of banks and business by government, and the collapse of the dollar for forty some years, what did you think of this crowd?” He said he wished some of our speakers had spent more time warning about inflation.


It’s hard to cover all the bases with a three minute limit on speeches. But the John Birch Society should take heart. Liberal NH Democrats are spending NH into irretrievable debt just as our liberal Democrats in DC are. The end result will surely be a life learned lesson for future generations about unemployment, poverty, inflation, double digit interest rates, and lack of hope replacing the evil capitalist way of doing things through economic growth and prosperity.


If NH politicians want to ignore Tea Parties, fine with me. If they do not understand what was going on, I am not surprised.


As they say: Never pass up a good crisis.