Two Ships - One Rat - Here's The Deal

Finally! Arlen Specter has once again done what is good for Arlen Specter, as he always has, and this good deed actually coincides with what is good for the Republican Party.


The weasel left!


Good riddance. And here is a tip of the hat to all the RINOs who for years would tell conservatives it was their duty to vote for Specter because if they didn’t someone worse will take his place. Well that has just happened.


Specter was something like 20 points behind his Republican primary challenger when low and behold he got Democrat tingles up his leg.


Let’s face facts. Arlen Specter would join any party to keep his US Senate seat - he has no loyalties except to his own hide.


I wonder how Democrats who toiled in the political fields for years looking for a shot at a US Senate seat for life feel about the selfish old new member of their party, THE ONE THEY WILL BE STUCK VOTING FOR IN 2010, LIKE IT OR NOT! You have to love the back room deals made here.


Arlen Specter: Always the most evil of the lesser of two evils.