I'm Glad I Go In The Woods

My friends who can stomach watching politics on the state level here in NH say it seems as though liberals exist in some kind of group-think echo chamber. They spend double digit percentages more than they have in revenue during a recession, guaranteeing job loss and economic stagnation. They raise taxes without a whisper of a thought of how it hurts those with fixed or lost incomes, then look for more.


But you need to know who liberals are and how they feel about things (as opposed to think about things) to really understand what is at play with these moonbats.


Pay attention, here is the obvious reason liberals often act as though they have an echo chamber mentality.


It isn’t an echo chamber in which the liberals huddle together for each other’s immoral support – and inspiration - it’s a bathroom.


Yes you can find political inspiration, as well as a slight echo, in a bathroom. As a matter of fact, in NH, thanks to our liberal Democrat friends, you may soon find a great big sweaty man in a dress lounging in a gal’s stall.


Progressive delights await your daughter or son. Now they too will be able to regale friends and family at future events with stories previously reserved for sailors on shore leave.


Change we can believe in. Let’s show Vermont who’s moonbats are more out of touch.


Thank you NH Democrat Party!