Dems Fiddle In The Bathroom While NH Burns

In an effort to cut off embarrassing and enlightening debate on an endless list of tax increases, Democrats hid them inside an all encompassing bill known as HB2. A cute trick indeed.


Big deal, Democrats have the votes to pass anything they want and only fear, for now, broad based taxes. The results of doubling speeding tickets and cutting local aid will catch up to them in due time. What is to be remembered is that Democrat tax-and-spenders still fear the public’s finding out what they are doing behind closed doors. Their polling must still show that.


And then you have the “Bathroom Bill,” which liberals want to sell as a minority rights for trans-gendered/confused individuals issue. The bill is simply a symbol of their voting power, nothing else. In effect, the NH Democrat Party leadership wants to stick it to traditional NH values and this is the most tempting fruit they chose – for now. I find it interesting that the liberals who run the Democrat Party put so many of their elected officials in the tough position of having to support such unpopular and embarrassing legislation. The arm twisting championship of reluctant reps by Democrat leadership over the last few weeks must have been enjoyable to the far left moonbat wing of the Democrat Party who dragged the remaining sane Democrats through this.


NH Democrats have shown everyone who is boss. Democrats have finally delivered NH a much needed Bathroom Bill. NH can rest assured that any man who has a dress in a bag can legally change genders right there in the stall next to your daughter.


Come to think of it, thanks to NH Democrats, that same daughter, say she is 13, can have her 20 year old boyfriend take her for an abortion without your consent – or knowledge.


Some Democrat issues are just too important for common sense or decency to prevail.


I remember the fledgling abortion movement where the battle cry form Democrats was “We don’t want abortions by coat hanger in alleys.”


But now, thanks to Democrats and RINO’s, we have “doctors” shoving scissors into the heads of late term babies in the name of abortion rights.


What have we traded for the Bathroom Bill?


How has weeks of wrangling over this issue created one single job in NH, except for lobbyists.


NH Democrats AND Governor Lynch have spent 17.5% more than taxpayers have in the last budget and 11% more than taxpayers have in this budget.


The increased Democrat taxes will kill new job creation in the private sector and chase remaining jobs away to business friendly states.


And we are spending time and effort on The Bathroom Bill. Knee-jerk liberals – they never change – except of course from male to female in a public restroom.