This Puts The "Meanie" In Eeny, Meanie, Minie, Moe

Swedish government “health” officials have determined that gender selection by abortion is legal.


This means only one thing. If it is legal to abort, say, all the baby girls you conceive in that country on a whim, then we have several US Supreme Court Justices who grudgingly will have to go along with this recently discovered international right “wink, wink.”


Justice Ginsburg will have no option but to affirm Swedish Health Officials ruling in the brave new world of international US Constitutional law.


Poor David Souter will miss the opportunity to weigh into this groundbreaking legal opportunity with that huge, heroic, Kelo Decision-like mind his tiny frame carries around DC parks late at night. What a shame, timing is everything.


Who ever said abortion was a slippery slope.


Hint: It wasn't the Nazis.