Find Something Else Stupid To Do - Don't Do This

I just got off the phone with Mary Adams of Maine.


If you don’t know who Mary Adams is - here ya go. Mary Adams is the small--government juggernaught grandmother who has, for several decades, fought the good fight against government waste and spending up in Vacationland.


Mary called about a new development in Maine politics, there is an effort by those on the left to make the Maine Legislature smaller, or in other words, put it up for sale to lobbyists. The highest bidder, taxpayers are NOT.


The quickest way to turn any state into Massachusetts is to have a small “professional” legislature to do “the people’s work.” (insert belly laugh here)


And what kind of “professional legislators” will inhabit this new, glorious Maine Legislature?


Can you say – trial lawyers, defense lawyers, low life con artists, ego maniacs, former and current public employees, and moonbats.


Hey Maine taxpayers! Just say no to making the Maine Legislature into “Bulger/Finneran North.”


When I go on the road and meet people from other taxpayers groups across the country they always ask what it is like to have a 400 member House of Representatives.


I tell them the same thing: “I know its is pretty tough with that many, I just wish we could add about 200 more so nothing would get done and we would all be safe.”