Had To Happen

Well, a couple of polls, remember, we live and die by polls, are showing what we conservatives have noticed for a while - Americans are becoming more pro-life.


And the BAD NEWS for liberals who love aborting babies so they can achieve “progressive equality” among two of the sexes (I don’t know if I should add “those in transition”) by providing only women a right to abort, and for creating “improved” humans through weeding out the infirm and inconvenient is: it looks like young women are the ones leading the way BACK to a majority pro-life America.


So as we run into them at political events, living rooms, family gatherings, and social circles, and hopefully, gun clubs, we will just have to take the opportunity to educate some of these new pro-life voters as to the benefits of an overall philosophy that America needs a smaller Federal government that fears its citizens more than Hollywood and the media.


This should not be a very hard thing to do – with the help of our abortion obsessed friends on the left leading the way.


As feminists, abortionists, eugenicists, and other proponents of court-created rights see they are losing this battle again in the arena of public opinion, which was supposed to solidify FOR abortion as a Constitutional Right after this length of time after the Roe v. Wade case - they will go batty. Have you ever been around a perpetually angry leftie who is really, really angry? Try taking their basic political position away. They will speak in tongues.


Just as “Obamanomics” is going to teach Americans, and the world, a very hard lesson about economics, years of court-created abortion on demand in America will show new, young, pro-life voters that supposedly hip, no victim social experiments have a terrible cost and we need them work to reverse those policies.