If You Have To, Jot Down Names, We Don't Want To Miss Anyone

Czar: any person exercising great authority or power in a particular field.


Democrat President Obama, a progressive, liberal, socialist, small time, sneaky Chicago style politician who hit the Presidential jackpot, loves to appoint czars.


We have Obama’s hand selected, light on experience, economy czars, bank czars, and car czars to deal with. Imperial types love to flock together it seems when they are looking out for our interests, no matter how small, detailed, or out of their realm of authority.


So I thought to myself, why not appoint a few czars myself? I have some small amount of political clout here in NH. At least I have enough clout to do this:


I hereby, wielding the miniscule taxpayer activist authority vested in me, appoint every conservative, small government, free-market, personal responsibility supporting, property rights defending proponent of freedom in New Hampshire, a “Stop the Spending Czar.”


Your appointment takes effect officially on the First Tuesday in November in The Year of Our Lord 2010.


You are now obligated to vote out of office the following:



Tax and Spenders



Socialist, Marxist, Communitarian Moonbats

Tofu Munchers


Militant Environments

Property Stealers

Anti-Voter ID Low-lifes

And ANYONE involved in attempting to Bankrupt New Hampshire in ANY fashion


As a “Stop the Spending Czar” in New Hampshire you are currently living in a target rich environment. Focus on your obligation NOW in preparation for Novemeber.


Get busy!