Standard CIA Issue: Tin Foil Hat, Megaphone

Apparently, CIA Chief (with no experience except in politics) Leon Panetta has some sound reason to make public statements that former Vice President Dick Cheney wishes the US will be attacked by terrorists.


It looks like Panetta has used his CIA position to tap Dick Cheney’s phone and open his mail.


I believe I have as much information as I need to publicly state that as a fact – if you compare it with the evidence Panetta has offered regarding what Dick Cheney is thinking.


So how did he do it? How did CIA Chief Leon Panetta tap former VP Dick Cheney’s phone and open his mail to get such inside information worth releasing to New Yorker magazine? Did Leon dress up as a pool cleaning man to sneak inside Cheney’s bunker? Did he have a "minkey" climb in a window and plant a listening device? No, bunkers don't have windows. Hmmmmm.


Leon Panetta never noticed Monica Lewinski’s many late night pizza runs to Bill Clinton’s office when he was Clinton’s chief of staff but his radar was definitely up to cipher out what the former vice president is thinking in private about terrorists. See how being Chief of Staff can prepare a guy to be CIA head? That is the secret CIA training.


Thank goodness Dick Cheney is no longer in office posing as being interested in stopping terrorists from attacking America. We are certainly lucky Cheney has been replaced, in part, with the savvy, sophisticated, 007ish Leon Panetta.


This secret information CIA Chief Panetta has released through a magazine interview (how devilishly clever) is sure to help calm America’s fears about whether the Obama Team has the credibility to keep us all safe.


Good work Leon.


What evil thoughts has Rush Limbaugh been thinking lately?


After all, Rush and Cheney are America’s REAL enemies, aren’t they.


(Obama's clown posse looks smaller and more inept every day.)