Too Bosse For Her Own Good

Reporter and Numbers Guy, Grant Bosse was stripped of his press credentials by State Senator “Slippery” Sylvia Larsen back on June 3, as the bloated budget hearings were about to begin.


This only proves two things are certainly true:


1. Grant Bosse was hitting a nerve with the bankrupting bureaucrats, lobbyists, lawyers, and legislators in Concord because Grant has been exposing exactly what budget shenanigans they are trying to get away with – spending NH into BOTH broad-based taxes. To understand Lynch/Democrat budgeting, the term “sleight of hand” has to be replaced with “sleight of front end loader.”

2. Senator Slippery Sylvia has risen to the top of the Democrat Party for EXACTLY the reason shown in the “Meet The Press Meeting The Door” story – a total backhand to freedom of the unbiased press.


All of my good liberal, progressive, socialist, pals must be cheering deep inside at the site of one of their own shutting down unflattering news articles in what amounts to basic political thuggery.


Typical liberals.