Read My Flinch - No New Marriage!

You have to hand it to liberal Democrats in NH, they really know how to put Governor Lynch in the hot seat – or is that on the hot fence?


Mr. Popular has to grind up some courage and sprinkle it on his latte. Its now or never with the anti-bisexual and traditional marriage bill he has to sign.


Oh the agony of it all, cutting ribbons, handing out his personal card at floods, tapping maple trees in season, leading parades – then all of a sudden, whamo, a potential personal poll dropper rears it’s haunting tiara again.


I thought the civil union bill would make it all go away?


Not so.


Now, after saying he would veto a homosexual/anti-bisexual marriage bill, his pals in the Democrat Party, with all their out of state special interest money, want another bite out of the “Lynch Legacy.”


Need I mention the $500 million dollar hole the tax-and-spend Democrats have dumped on New Hampshire?


What PLEDGE will the little governor have to break next to accommodate the desires of his liberal friends in the Legislature?