Obama has the liberal votes to put just about any fool on the US Supreme Court and apparently he has chosen to go that route.


Sotomayor may not be a racist or sexist, she just says racist and sexist things with the intention to sound smart and rub it in her perceived enemies – white people, especially men.


This is a recognized part of her type of jurist we do not often see at the Supreme Court level, but it had to happen eventually.


What will the new court look like with a loud, not too bright, unable to contain herself activist on it? I don’t care. She will cast her opinion exactly the way the tiny bookworm, Sad Little Souter, who supposedly hates DC but fell directly under its spell did when he got there. There is little concrete judicial gain in this replacement of Souter by Obama except those of race and gender. And even with these two obvious changes the difference is still very slight.


Oh, but the possibility for embarrassment, as in with his VP pick of Clueless Joe Biden. Here we have two personalities carved from the same soap.


Joe Biden has that same super-elitist opinion of himself which has in the past compelled him to try and put down an opponent (caught on video) by wielding his very slight education credentials – somewhat enhanced with non-existent achievements. Biden enjoys his attack dog status as well, but it must be noted that attack dogs sometimes chew on shoes whereas Biden puts his foot in his mouth. Big difference.


Sotomayor is said to spend her days and nights huddled with a team of underlings who substitute for a family and normal life. Yet with all the emersion in law she is not able to pull off but one decision out of five sent for appeal that was not reversed. She likes to dress down lawyers and political opponents and flaunt her power, such as her statement (caught on tape) about policy being made at the bench. That was simply reckless and arrogant.


This makes me wonder how intellectuals currently on the bench will interact with her, if at all. My guess is that she who does not suffer fools will be in the position of suffering…and if her past behavior and temperament are any guide it will not be in silence.


Goodbye Souter, the “Hero of Kelo,” you will be replaced but not missed. This one woman Bronx cheer will more than fill your old robe.


The Supra decision results will remain the same, Sotomayor will not be a guiding light on this court or challenging anyone with her intellect, not even the other lefties.


Obama wasted a pick.